Eating is Training

From the 70s Big Food FAQ...
Beowulf had Grendel. We have Mongolian and Chinese buffets. If you don’t have at least one dining experience every couple of weeks that resembles an epic struggle worthy of telling over beers, you’ll be putting from the rough for the foreseeable future.

After the Hopper Challenge was over on Sunday, I wanted pizza. I generally eat as clean as possible, but if I'm going to have a cheat meal it's going to be pizza. Sadly, we couldn't find a dine-in pizza place in the immediate area of Crossfit BWI, so I waited until yesterday to gorge myself on pizza. My buddy Sheldon, who also competed at the Hopper Challenge with me, was describing this deep dish pizza he had gotten from Pizzeria Uno. It sounded so good, and I was still on the tail end of my trashy eating binge, I had to have one. Uno's had a special deal going whereas you get two regular sized deep dish pizzas for $19.99. That sounded like a good deal. Sheldon said he was only able to handle three pieces before he had tap out. I took that as a challenge to try and crush both pizzas before bedtime.

I began this endeavor at noon with two slices from each pizza: the Numero Uno (similar to a supreme), and a regular cheese and tomato. After those four slices I was surprisingly full.  Three hours later another four slices. The equivalent of one pizza had been consumed and I'm feeling like I'm off to a pretty good start on my mass gain project. Three hours after that, another four slices were consumed. I decided to stop after that because I was ridiculously thirsty and had already consumed well over 5,000 calories for the day. I already know what happens when I put myself through an epic struggle as mentioned by 70s Big above (see the Beast Challenge below), so I wasn't about to make myself miserable just to finish a second pizza for the day. It wasn't worth it. I saved the last four slices for today's lunch, and returned to clean eating. Tomorrow starts 30 days of GOMAD; which stands for a Gallon of Milk a Day. I expect gastro problems to arise as I normally don't consume dairy, but this is a cheap and easy way to get extra calories and protein and it's only for a month. At the end of the 30 days, I'll see where I am at as far overall body composition and strength gains, and then decide if I want to continue on with another 30 days or not.

The Beast Challenge from Larry Palazzolo on Vimeo.

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