Training Log: 11/15/10

AM: Metcon

3 rounds for time of:

10 Chest-to-Bar Pullups
10 Front Squats (165/105)
10 Burpees

PM: Strength (Week 1)

3x5 Back Squat - 95lbs

I used 115 for the wod as I wasn't feeling too strong this morning. Getting up at 4:30 am to workout is getting a little easier but I'm still not getting enough sleep on the nights prior to those morning sessions. I finished the wod in 9:44. Here's a little FYI, never eat Chinese food the night before a wod, or any other time you want to feel productive. You've bested me once again, General Tso. 

This evening's strength session is my first day of Starting Strength and already I'm making adjustments. I'm foreseeing the traditional Starting Strength program in addition to Crossfit to possibly lead to overtraining. So, I'm going to modify it to follow Crossfit Football's strength wods for the Amateur Off-Season category and stay a week behind so that I can plug in the strength days into my gym's schedule for the week, which I already know in advance. The only change is that I will do back squats twice a week regardless. I still plan on making 10 lb increases on my squat each workout until it begins to get difficult and then lower it to five to maintain steady increases. My current 5rm squat is 185, so I'm hoping to surpass that by week 4. The weight felt light during the squats, as it should, it's only 95 lbs. I usually lift in my socks when I workout in the basement because the ceiling height is so low, but today I felt like lifting in the Chuck T's. Hey, it's good enough for guys at Westside Barbell.

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