Training Log: 11/16/10


Press 7×3


For time
1000m Row
30 Ring Rows

I only got up to 105×3 on the fourth set.  My shoulder wasn't feeling good from the start and I probably should've kept the weight lower. I failed at 110 on the fifth set and tapped out after that because the pain in my shoulder was the same rotator cuff pain I experienced earlier this year. I'm going to ice it several times today, do some physical therapy exercises tomorrow and see how it feels. I'll probably have to scale back any pressing motions for the next week or so.

Metcon: 7:10. My new rule is to be weary of the wods that don’t sound too bad on paper. I was pleased with my 3:54 on the row and figured sub 6 shouldn’t be a problem, but the wod gods had other plans. Whoever programmed this is evil. I was able to recover my breath fairly quickly after the row but muscle fatigue on the ring rows set in early and took much longer than expected. I finished the wod not even breathing heavy, but my arms were dead weight.

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