Training Log: 11/18/10


Power Clean 5×3


For time:

100ft Farmer’s Walk
21-15-9 Rep Rounds of:
Knees to Elbows
DB Push Press
100ft Farmer’s Walk

Despite a horrible nights sleep courtesy of my dog Tippy waking me up about 5 times last night, I still managed a 20 lb PR on my power clean this morning. 175x3. The last time I did 5x3 power cleans was on November 1st. On that day I failed on 165, only getting it twice, which I think it was more of a mental block. So it's probably only 10 lb jump which still isn't too bad for 17 days. The gain is partially a strength increase and mostly getting more comfortable with the mechanics of the movement. I could've probably tried for 185 but time was a factor and we had to get onto the metcon.

I used a pair of 2 pood kettlebells (roughly 70 lbs each) for the farmer's walk and 40 lb dumbbells for the push press. The first farmer's walk was fast. I was power walking the hell out of it. The KTEs were mainly slowed down by grip fatigue. Despite a nagging shoulder, doing dumbbell push press with a neutral grip (palms facing each other) didn't bother it at all. The trainer this morning, Colleen, is also a PT and gave me a few exercises and stretches to add to my routine. She said that I need to also strengthen my scapula, so I'll probably add in some barbell rows as assistance work. I finished the metcon in 8:02. The second farmer's walk was a little ugly compared with the ease of the first. I could feel my grip giving out on the second leg of it and almost dropped the bells at the end. But my biggest concern throughout that wod was holding off a shart. I woke up this morning a little gassy. And could feel something stirring during the power cleans. I think I let a few slip out during the wod but luckily not enough to do any damage. Thanks, milk.

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