Training Log: 11/23/10

10 rounds for time of:

12 Pullups
12 Burpees

Don't get me wrong, this workout was a bitch. But the workout itself wasn't the toughest thing I did today. It was trying not to puke during it. Lately, I've been keeping it simple for my morning pre-wod meal. I have a few tablespoons of almond butter and few tablespoons of applesauce. Nice, soft foods; like an old person. This morning I followed them up with two teaspoons of mint flavored fish oil. I had purchased a variety pack of Stronger Faster Healthier fish oil to sample the flavors before ordering a big bottle. Once I've completely finished all of the bottles I'll write up a review, but in the meantime, back to working out. I'm going to blame the fish oil because I don't know why I thought I might puke after the second round this morning. 

My biggest concern with this workout was the shear volume of it. 120 pull ups is a guarantee that I will tear my hands up. I decided to wrap my palms in athletic tape prior to the workout. That lasted until the second round when I ripped off the tape because it was bunching up and making it more difficult to grip the bar. I made it to the 8th round when my hands finally ripped open. There's nothing tough or manly about ripping your hands. The only thing it ensures is that you'll have to take the next few days off in order for them to heal. At the earliest, you can put liquid skin on them in about 24 hours, wrap them real well and stick to stuff that's not grip-intensive.  I'd like to go to the gym tomorrow, but I'll have to see how my hands are feeling later tonight. I finished around 29:05, and was surprised that my muscles weren't as fatigued as I anticipated. My grip held up and arms were in much better shape than I thought they would be. The biggest thing holding me back was that I was winded throughout the workout and fighting back pukemon. 

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