Training Log: 11/29/10


2 Sets of Max Strict Pullups


Run 400m

30-20-10 rep rounds of:
Wallballs (20#, 10 ft)
Situps (unanchored on abmat)
Double Unders

Run 400m

I've had a short term goal of being able to do 10 strict pull ups. This is an interim goal on the way to a larger goal of 20 strict pull ups. The last time I had tested my max pull ups, which was some time ago, I got 8 and was pleased with that as I've always struggled with pull ups. This morning I managed 10 on my first attempt. Woohoo PR town! I took about a three or four minute rest in between sets and managed 8 on the second attempt, which tied my old PR. I was more than pleased with that effort. The metcon was less than desirable. Wallballs and double unders are two of my least favorite movements in Crossfit. Which means I should probably do them more often. I don't mind double unders as much, it's more of a frustration in not being able to get the technique down. Today, I managed to string together six unbroken. But the rest of my attempts were one or two at a time. I think I'm jumping two fast. The six I strung together were a slower, more controlled jump with a slower but harder whip of the rope. The double unders, as usual, really slowed me down and I ended up with a time of 18:06. It was cold out this morning and I started the wod with track pants, a long sleeve shirt, fleece and a winter hat on. Once I got back from the run I stripped down to shorts and t-shirt for the rest of the workout. By the time the last 400 rolled around I was lagging so far behind I ran out of the gym as is and didn't bother to throw on a fleece or even my hat. I hit that cold air and my airways closed up. I think that's what it must feel like to have an asthma attack. It was one of the longest 400s I ever ran and I was wheezing uncontrollably with every breath. In hindsight, I should have taken an extra three seconds and put on my fleece. It was too cold out for just a t-shirt. My breathing would probably have been better had I worn the fleece. 

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