Training Log: 11/9/10

Went in tonight for the 7 pm class at CFDV because the wod had snatches in it. 

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

50ft Tire Drag
10 Strict Pullups
1 Snatch

Men start at half body weight for the snatches and increase 10 pounds each round, at a minimum. Women also start at half body weight but only need to increase 5 pounds. Workout is scored by the number of rounds completed TIMES the overall increase in weight on the snatch. 25 Burpee penalty for failing to make the snatch. 

I was feeling pretty good and was thinking I would PR on my 1 rep max during the wod. I started with 95 lbs (slightly more than half my body weight). When I got up to 125 at the end of the fourth round I failed the attempt. I attempted it 3 more times and failed each time. I decided to take the 25 burpee penalty rather waste any more time and try and get another round completed before time ran out. With 30 seconds left I attempted 125 two more times and failed on both. It was partially a mental block and mostly fatigue at that point. The strict pull ups were the hardest part of the wod, and really fried my arms.  I ended up with a score of 80 (4 rounds x 20 lb total increase). Had I made the last snatch my score would've been 150 and it would also have been a 1 rm PR on my snatch.

Post-wod I slammed down a scoop of whey and water in the car, and followed that up with a Larabar. I stopped off at Trader Joe's on the way home to pick up a few gallons of whole milk in preparation for the start of my 30 days of GOMAD tomorrow. But of course Trader Joe's was out of the gallon-size organic whole milk. I settled for getting three half gallon cartons and a quart each of pumpkin and chocolate ice cream. Holy F'n S. The pumpkin ice cream is awesome. If you like pumpkin, get it. I got to work on the milk and polished off one of those half gallons in one sitting; which was no small feat. I plan on being gassy in about an hour.

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