Congratulations Joe

Joe T. - Mid Atlantic Hopper Challenge - Crossfit BWI - November 2010
Congratulations to my good friend Joe for finishing 3rd overall at the Midwest Hopper Challenge yesterday at Hyperfit USA. Joe flew in from Indy to compete with me at the Mid-Atlantic Hopper Challenge back in November and was one point shy of making the top ten, which kept him from competing in the final wod in that competition. I think he definitely redeemed himself this weekend. Awesome job, Joe.

Here are the four wods he competed in.

WOD #1
Max Reps of Back Squat in 3:00 (#225/#155)
Max Reps of Pull Ups in 3:00

WOD #2
Row: 3,000 Meters for time (Time Cap 12:00/13:30)

WOD #3
Clean and Jerk/Double Under (#185/#115)
Clean and Jerk: 6
Double Under: 30
5 Rounds for time

WOD #4
Deadlift: 50 (225/155)
Burpee (Over Bar): 40
Toe To Bar: 30
Squat Snatch: 20 (115/75)
Hand Stand Push Up: 10

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