Food Rule: No Spicy Food Before Bed

I spent most of the day yesterday working on home projects and neglected to do any food shopping. I made my way through the day eating leftovers that were in the fridge but when dinner time rolled around there wasn't anything left. I decided to hit up Chipotle for a barbacoa burrito. I generally don't eat grains but in an attempt to get in more calories, I decided to go with the burrito option. The barbacoa is a spicier shredded beef that's pretty good on it's own. To add to that, I got the red salsa. Now, it's not blazingly hot but it's the hottest that Chipotle offers. It tasted great and really hit the spot. I went to bed some time after 10:30 in the hopes of getting 6 hours of sleep before that 4:30 alarm goes off.

I really value my sleep, and any night I can make it through without waking up at all is a win in my book. Most nights I wake up at least once. I've tried to eliminate the factors that have caused disruptions to my sleep in the past: drinking too much water too close to bedtime, letting the dog into the bedroom, eating a huge meal, or one containing a lot of sugar right before bed. Last night, I slept pretty soundly until 1:30 am when I woke up to take a drink of water. 2:30 am: another drink of water and a slight feeling of indigestion/heart burn. 3:30 am: I get out of bed to take an antacid, go to the bathroom and have some more water. I proceed to lie awake until the alarm goes off at 4:30. It was a miserable, restless hour, where I tossed and turned, would get too hot so I'd take the covers off, get too cold so I put them back on, rinse, repeat.

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