Sleep Banking

Sleep. I like it. I'd like to get more of it.  I definitely do not get enough sleep, especially on the nights before I get up for the 5:30 am Crossfit class. I can't fall asleep early. I've tried to reprogram my body clock but it doesn't want me going to bed any earlier than 11 pm on average. Most nights it's around midnight that I finally get tired enough to fall asleep. Some nights I luck out and can fall asleep around 10 pm.

Tippy thinks sleep banking is so much better than branch banking.
The idea of sleep banking is that if you do not get enough sleep one night you can make up for it on other nights. I'm going to set the goal as 8 hours per night. Each day I'll keep track of the number of hours in the previous night's sleep as well as any additional sleep I get throughout the day, if I'm fortunate enough to get in an afternoon nap. At the end of each week I'll see where I'm at as far as negative hours, even, or positive hours. For Monday, I had a total of 6.5 hours leaving me a sleep score of -1.5. I'm interested in keeping track of this self-experiment for the next two to four weeks to see just how sleep deprived I am each week and how it's affecting my recovery.

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