Stronger Faster Healthier Fish Oil

I used to take fish oil pills for recovery because it seemed more convenient than drinking the oil, and the thought of drinking fish oil was a little gross. But after an endorsement from both Whole9 and Crossfit Endurance, I thought I'd give Stronger Faster Healthier a try. This is simply my opinion/review of their fish oil.

I ordered the sample/travel pack which included a two ounce bottle of each of the five flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Lemon, Tangerine and Mint. In that order is how I prefer the flavors. I was surprised at how much I liked vanilla and chocolate over the fruit flavors. Mint initially burned my throat. But after subsequent samples it got to be more palatable. Another nice thing about the flavors is that, when you get the fish burps (and you will get them), you burp up the flavor and not fish. I used to take eight grams a day which was eight pills (usually four in the morning and four at night). Now I take only two teaspoons once a day, which is four grams total.  Both of these calculations of grams per day came from the Fish Oil Calculator at Whole9. Because the quality of the fish oil is so much cleaner and potent, I am able to take less and still recover faster than with the pills.

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