Training Log: 12/11/10


Press 5×5

3 rounds for time:
21 KB Swings
100ft Broad Jumps

Throwdown #5
3 rounds for time:
200 M Row
10 Burpees

I managed 110 lbs on the press (10 lb pr), and eeked out 113x4. My shoulder felt pretty good and I probably could've gotten that 5th rep at 113 but I think I took too much time between the fourth and fifth rep. I was a little overzealous on the metcon and started with a 2 pood kb. I did the first round unbroken but when the second round came, the good mornings from last night were not making my lower back feel very good. Things got pretty tight pretty quickly. I scaled the weight down to 1.5 pood, which I think was the smart move. There's no glory in being stupid and injuring yourself just to say you used a heavier weight. The metcon ended up taking longer than I anticipated. Broad jumps get me surprisingly winded. I finished in 8:28.

Afterward, I rested for a few minutes, stretched and foam rolled a little and then took on Throwdown #5 versus Meg, a superfit female from my gym and the creator of this wod. The throwdowns are challenges started by four elite females in my gym, as a way of working on weaknesses and having a friendly competition amongst themselves. Some of the guys in the gym found out about it and wanted to be included. This was the first throwdown I've attempted. It looked simple enough. I felt like I moved at a really good pace on the first round. The second and third rounds my row felt slow and heavy. At that point, my legs were pretty fatigued and started to burn. I thought I could beat Meg, but given those slower rows on the last two rounds, she ended up beating me by about 9 seconds. I finished in 4:43.

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