Training Log: 12/14/10

5 rounds for time of:

50ft Inchworm Pushups
100ft Suitcase Carry
25 Vertical Jumps (16″/12″ – touch ring on each jump)

5 rounders always seems to take me a while. I usually forget which round I'm on after the third and have to struggle to remember and finish the workout. For the suitcase carry I used 115. I tested 135 before the workout and it was noticeably heavy. I figured I would lose my grip on that by Round 3, so I scaled it back to 115 which was heavy but much more manageable. I think I only dropped it once or twice. I found the vertical jumps the easiest of the three tasks. Although, every time I jumped up to tap the ring it would move a little and I found myself unconsciously jumping in circles around the ring as I was jumping up to touch it. Trying to keep the ring still was a bit of an art. I finished in 23:38.

Couch Stretch: 2 minutes per leg
Pigeon: 2 minutes per leg
Bottom squat hold: 4 minutes total

Squat 3x5 @175

I was hoping to get in some bench and turkish get ups tonight but I think I need to give my shoulder a rest for the remainder of the week. My hips are sore from a combo of this morning's wod and this evening's squatting. 

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