Training Log: 12/28/10

A better place to spend the winter.
Squat 3x5 @190
Close-Grip Bench 3x5 @135
Sit ups 2x25
Back Extension 2x25

Couch Stretch: 4 minutes each leg (before and after lifting)
Pigeon: 4 minutes each leg
Grok Hang: 1 minute (before and after lifting)
5 minutes of shoulder stretching
10 minutes of active stretching/yoga

When it's cold out, I have very little desire to do metcons. I just want to lift heavy things. The winter is the perfect time for focusing on getting stronger, if only for that reason. Last winter, my wife and I began training for a half marathon that we eventually ran in May 2010. That meant spending a good amount of time running in the cold, dodging icy patches and cursing neighbors and local businesses for not shoveling their sidewalks. Staying indoors and lifting in sweatpants is a much better alternative.

After taking the last four days off I had a few cobwebs to clear out of my joints before I could get moving today. I had a great night's sleep last night, which made up for a few lousy nights in a row of waking up tired. I started my usual warm up with some mobility and dynamic movements. When I began my warm up sets of squats my hip flexors felt painfully tight. I had neglected doing my routine couch stretch, which has been a staple of my squat days since I started this recent strength cycle. After my third warm up set, I felt I needed to stop and do the couch stretch (4 minutes on each leg) and then retest my squat. As I suspected, the stretch loosened things up and my squat felt much better. A little additional stretching of the achilles tendons and we were ready to rock n' roll. 190 felt better than 185 did last week and with less grunting. Although that could have been from the butt-load of rest between sets I gave myself. I did find myself leaning too far forward on a few reps, but all-in-all it was pretty solid across all three sets.

The close-grip felt fine on my shoulder. I'll take what I can get. Any pressing motion that doesn't give me any pain I'll take for now. The weight was good for three sets. I'll stick with a linear progression on the close-grip bench and a very light overhead press once a week until my shoulder can handle regular bench and overhead press pain free.

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