Training Log: 12/3/10


Push Jerk



Tabata Row for meters.

8 rounds of 20 seconds max effort work followed by 10 seconds of rest. The score is the lowest number of meters in any round.

I was still sore from Thursday's workout and my shoulder was extra sore from my games last night. I wasn't feeling very strong or fast in my push jerk tonight. My push jerk, if you want to call it that, is still looking like a push press. I switched to a split jerk once I got into the sets of 2 and even that was still reminiscent of a push press. I really need to work on the technique of this because I'm definitely capable of bigger weights. I tied my 1rm of 165 tonight and then failed at 175. I didn't attempt 175 again after that. I thought I'd leave some in the tank and save my shoulder. The tabata row had a low score of 88. I thought I could keep all of my intervals at 90 meters and above but I slacked on the 7th interval. I also should've done my 3x5 squats while I was there. Now that I'm home and cooled down, I don't feel like doing them. There's steak to be eaten. 

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