Training Log: 12/6/10


Deadlift 5×5


As many rounds as possible in ten minutes of:

6 Burpees
6 Pullups

Start each minute with 3 hang power cleans (135/95, workout starts on the HPC’s).

I realized today there is a huge discrepancy between deadlifting in my basement with steel plates and deadlifting at the gym with rubber bumpers. I can deadlift a hell of a lot more with bumpers. I recently PR'd on my deadlift in the basement with 255, and it was a struggle. Maybe I wasn't warmed up enough, maybe it was an off day. This morning. I pulled 315 for a new 5rm PR. Although, I did pull 315 as a 3rm at the gym not too long ago. Still, it's an improvement. The only thing I can attribute the discrepancy to is that the rubber bumpers bounce off the floor in between reps and that helps propel them back up on each subsequent rep. Whereas, the steel plates in the basement while they are being lowered onto a thin piece of rubber matting is pretty much coming to a dead stop after each rep. I think I will have to keep any deadlifting I do in the basement to strictly work sets and go for PR's at the gym on the bumper plates. 

I was pretty damn tired after the deadlifts and would've been happy with calling it a day. At least the wod was only a 10 min AMRAP. I was moving along pretty well until after my fourth round when my grip was pretty much shot and I kept failing on the cleans. I spent probably the last 3+ minutes doing cleans because I failed several of them, and by the time I completed the three, the minute was up and I had to do three more. The wod was tough but fun and I would like to try it again some time when I'm a little fresher. 

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