2011 Fitness Goals

Kara and I recently did an intro to aerials workshop at the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts. It didn't consist of doing flips, which I had hoped for, but rather focused on acrobatic maneuvers on a rope, static trapeze and silk. The class was fun and different. I'm always looking for a new sport or activity to learn. While I'm not going to sign up for any additional circus classes in the near future, I would like to go back sometime and do an actual acrobatics class, which they do offer. I need to do more awesome things like this. And if anyone at CFDV wants to learn the upside down descent (as demonstrated in the picture to the right), I'll be happy to show you.

Every New Year I make goals or resolutions. My New Year's resolutions for 2010 were to:
1.) Workout in the mornings (Which I didn't start doing regularly until September.)
2.) Walk my dog every day (Sorry, Tippy. That didn't happen.)

I fell short on both of these goals and they were quite simple. The most demanding of them was to work out in the mornings, and even that isn't asking too much of myself.  John Welbourn recently posted about his disgust for New Year's resolutions on one of his many websites: Talk To Me Johnnie. The disgust with New Year's resolutions stems from the people who are always getting ready to start something, but don't follow through with it. The title of the post "Self-Improvement is Masturbation" is a quote from the book/movie Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk. The full context of the quote refers to a Calvin Klein men's underwear ad viewed by Brad Pitt and Ed Norton's characters on a bus. Norton's character asks Pitt's character, "Is that what a man looks like." To which Pitt replies, "Self-improvement is masturbation. Now self-destruction..."...and we cut to two dudes pummeling each other in the basement of a bar. The point Welbourn makes is this:

Cultivate mental and physical toughness by hammering ourselves on the anvil of hard training and venturing the road less traveled. By traversing difficult terrain we find ourselves in that break to create mindset. Instead of making a promise and wishing to better ourselves, turn in the opposite direction.
If you do not do the little things to increase recovery, the ability to get bigger and stronger is slowed to a stand still. However, for full recovery to be necessary and effective we need to break ourselves. 
The nugget of knowledge to take away from this is that every time we train, we are breaking down our bodies and it's in how we recover that determines if we show any improvement, be it physiologically, mentally or both. Recovery is the focus of the first half of my broad 2011 goals which include:

1.) Fully rehab my shoulder to 100% pain free
2.) Increase flexibility
3.) Get stronger
4.) Do more awesome things

Once I've achieved the first goal, I can set challenging but realistic strength goals for the remainder of the calendar year.

The upside down descent, with a not so graceful descent.

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