Month 2 Results - Paleo Mass Gain Project

Month 2 Totals
Weight: 178.4
Body Fat: 13.5%

Month 1 Totals
Weight: 179.5 lbs
Body Fat: 13.5%

Starting Totals
Weight: 175.0 lbs
Body Fat: 11.7%

I had a feeling I had lost weight this past month and was going to be back at my starting weight. Without dairy, except for a few times here and there, I noticeably felt that I was not eating enough this past month. It's hard to gorge yourself on vegetables, and you can only eat so many eggs and meat each day without blowing up your food budget.

There were some days when I was very hungry, but most days I ate when I was hungry and only until I was satiated. Eating past fullness is hard and uncomfortable, but I think that's the point. And that's what I did not do enough of. I definitely did not stick to my sweet potato regimen as I intended to. I had a few weeks of sweet potato every day but not nearly enough to add substantial calories. 

I didn't expect to go up in weight but at least I somewhat maintained for this month. For month three I'm going to take a European approach to this and make lunch my biggest meal (maybe squeeze a siesta in there somewhere) and make that a daily event.

Two weeks of tracking my sleep left me with a sleep score of -3.5. That means I was 3.5 hours under par, the goal being 8 hours of total sleep per day. Which leads me to my latest Food Rule: No large meals within two hours of bedtime. I've noticed that consuming a large meal too close to bedtime will wake me up and keep me up during the night, either with indigestion, or just mild insomnia.

During month 3, we will be starting a 7-week Paleo Challenge at our gym (beginning 1/10/11), and as part of that I'm adding some sidebar challenges/self-experiments for myself which are: no caffeine for 30 days, no paleo sugars (honey, maple syrup, etc), no nightshades (tomatoes, white potatoes, peppers, eggplant) and a 10 pm bedtime. I'm not a huge coffee or tea drinker so kicking caffeine shouldn't be too hard. I think our society has become too reliant on caffeine, when we should be focusing on more and better quality sleep. I'm interested to see how I will sleep with none of it in my system.  

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