Training Log: 1/11/11

Oh, blow it out your old wazoo!

50-40-30-20-10 rep rounds of:
Double Unders
Sit ups

Yaaaaaay double unders. I say that the way most people say "Yaaaaay burpees," with sarcasm and resentment. I will take burpees any day over double unders. Some day I will be competent in double unders but that day has not happened yet. I did myself a favor this time and wore calf sleeves to prevent the whipping, but I still came away with a few on my ankles. I used three different jump ropes during this wod, like the Goldilocks of Crossfit, trying to find the one that was just right. The search continues...

My time for this wod was a pathetic 22:23. Damn you, double unders. Damn you to hell.

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