Training Log: 1/12/11


These boots were made for woding. 
Snowy Playground WOD
5 rounds of:
Run 1 lap around the jungle gym, climb up the ladder, run through the jungle gym and slide down the sliding board
Burpee Pull ups in the snow
Squat-clean-thruster-med-ball-toss over the swing set (15 lbs)

Three person rotation. Person A starts with the run. Person B at the med ball toss. Person C at the burpee pull ups. Once Person A has slid down the sliding board they run over to Person B at the med ball toss and begin that movement. Person C continues doing burpee pull ups until Person B has run over to tag them so that they can start the run. 5 rounds, not timed.  Count total reps of burpee pull ups and med ball tosses.

I did this wod tonight with Kerry from our gym and Nikki, my neighbor and coach at Crossfit King of Prussia. I wish I had a pair of snow pants and had brought my phone to take a picture of the playground to give a better visual, but regardless, this was a lot of fun. It's been a long time since I played in the snow.

We originally decided on 10 rounds for this wod, but after the first round we changed that to 5. It was dark and slippery out and 10 rounds would have really sucked. I ended up getting 63 total reps. I'm not sure if the other two even kept count.

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