Training Log: 1/14/11


In teams of 2-5 athletes, complete the following:

7500m Row
225 Burpees
225 KB Swings (53/35)
225 Push Presses (75/55)

The exercises and rowing can be partitioned any way the team sees fit. One rower per team, two KBs and two bars. Mixed gender teams are fine, as well as scaled teams.

I partnered up with Brian and Julie on this one. We gamed it by each person rowing 500 meters at a time while the other two chipped away at the other movements and just kept cycling through that way. We thought this was a good strategy and used the row as an active recovery rather than another grueling task. I thought this worked for us and kept us from getting burned out on one movement. 

With my recovering shoulder I found the push press the most difficult but still did a decent chunk of the work. There was some pain with the push press but I found a comfortable positioning on the fly and tried to keep moving the same way. 

I thought we had it in the bag at the end, but we ended up losing by six seconds to Rob, Jackie and Anthony with our time of 38:32.

This workout was all volume, and I was feeling woozy at the end. I had a banana bread Larabar afterwards, which is the food equivalent of crack. The same goes for the apple pie flavor. I haven't had Larabars in a while so it was extra good. 

I gave myself a good 10-15 minutes after the metcon to do some foam rolling, stretching and general recovery before attacking my squats. I've been slacking lately and only squatting one day per week. The squat was definitely challenging given the level of fatigue going into it. My depth was iffy on the first set, but the next two I mentally focused on getting lower and grunted my way through it. 

Tomorrow we leave for a week in Grand Cayman with Kara's family and some friends. There are two Crossfit gyms down there, and I plan on checking out both. One is within walking distance of where we're staying, so I'll be at that gym more than once. We're still in the beginning of a paleo challenge. I can't speak for Kara but I'm not going to completely scrap all of my days there. I can't give the team we're up against next week a free ride. There will be some gaming involved, but still lots of fun and relaxation to be had. 

I'll try and keep a daily post next week, but they'll probably be on the short side. My beach read is Gary Taubes' new book: Why We Get Fat, And What To Do About It. I know, it's the perfect trashy lit for the beach. I'm a dork. 

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