Training Log: 1/2/11

Couch Stretch: 4 minutes per leg
Bottom Squat Hold: 4 minutes
Pigeon: 1 minute per leg

Squat 3x5 @195
Press 3x5 @85

Row 2k

I wasn't feeling too motivated to work out today as I've been under the weather the past few days, but my wife insisted and I'm glad she did. I needed to move around and get my blood flowing and there was an open session tonight at the gym. I think laying around the past few days was making me feel achy.

The squat felt good. I'm not sure if I'm getting low enough but I'm still progressing in the weights. I ordered a pair of 1.25 lb plates yesterday so that I can still continue a linear progression once I stall on the 5 lb increases. I tested out my shoulder with a light press and it felt pretty good. I got some good pointers tonight on pressing technique and training with an injury from Zach, the strength guru trainer at our gym, which helped me to press pain free. I'm still going to keep the weight light on the bench and shoulder press for the time being and do as much weight as I can without any shoulder pain.

For the metcon, Kara and I went head-to-head on a 2k row.  We're thinking about competing in an indoor rowing competition in February and wanted to see how we stacked up against the top times from 2010's competition. We would've gotten our butts kicked. My 2k row time was 8:08, with a damper setting of 6. The slowest time in the open division was 7:33. All of the other times were sub 7 minutes and the top time was 6:05. Maybe I'll just do the 500 meter sprint. I could definitely make a decent showing at that distance. My 2k row was actually an improvement by 17 seconds. I'd like to see how I'd do with fresh legs and the damper set at 5.

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