Training Log: 1/25/11

I'm ready for another vacation.
In 20 minutes, find your max Back Squat

120 second, 90 second, 60 second & 30 second rounds of Double Unders and Situps (alternate between the two for the prescribed time). Foot anchors are ok. Total WOD should take exactly 10 minutes.

My last 1rm for a back squat was back in September and I got 230. I then floundered at the Mid-Atlantic Hopper on the second wod of max back squats in 3 minutes at 225 getting a measly 5 reps. This, along with the rest of my lackluster performance over that weekend, was my inspiration for starting this blog to track my strength progression. So, I was hoping that my 1rm tonight had shot up from 230 to something a bit more respectable. 

Sadly though, I only finished with a 15 lb PR at 245. I attempted 265 twice and failed both times. I probably should've been less stubborn and gone for 255. That would've been a nice 25 lb increase, far less than what I was hoping for but still decent. But hey, 15 lbs is still progress. 

I was only getting to parallel on my squats so they probably shouldn't have counted. I need to work on getting more comfortable squatting deeper, and work on some flexibility issues. But I'm definitely not making the strength gains in my squat that I thought I would. Back to square one.

The metcon was its usual shit show on double unders. I finished with a total of 28. Yeah, that's right. 28. Jealous? My situps were a little bit better at 135. Afterward, I went home and drowned my sorrows in some braised brisket that I made yesterday. 

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