Training Log: 1/27/11

Wod 1

The local news this morning reported that a 10ft x 10ft area was the equivalent of about 768 lbs, given the amount of ice and moisture. We think we got around 16 inches overnight and I'm not sure how much I shoveled. Sidewalks, neighbors' sidewalks, our plowed-in cars (the joys of on-street parking), the neighbors' plowed-in cars. It was a lot.

Wod 2
Carry a 50lb bag of rock salt from the local hardware store to the house. Approximately .45 miles. Not for time.

This sucked. I have new found respect for the sand bag sprint at the '09 CF Games. At least this was a relatively flat walk home, although treacherous due to slush and ice. But I made it home without having to put the bag down once, so that's a personal victory.

Wod 3

Weighted Pull-ups 5×5

10,9,8…1 Overhead Squats (95/65)
1,2,3…10 Burpees (jump over the bar)

The last time I did weighted pull-ups I got up to 30 lbs on the last set and only got 3 reps. I think I tired myself out going up by five pounds each set. This time I decided to start with 30 and see how far I can go with it. The first two sets were tough but I completed all 5 reps. The next three sets went like this: 3 reps, then two with 20 lbs; 2 reps, then one with 20 lbs and two with no weight; and finally 1 rep, then four with no weight.

On the metcon, I scaled the weight on this to 75 and the OHS felt much better than they did the other week in Grand Cayman. So, that's good. This wod still was a quad smoker. Jumping over the bar on the burpees just added a little extra bitch slap to the legs. I finished in 11:37, which wasn't too bad for the day.

Bonus: Our local hardware store is also a throwback 5&10. And they sell awesome clothes and masks for your next Eyes Wide Shut party.

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