Training Log: 1/29/11

Scott Paltos Strength Seminar
Scott Paltos, former NFL player and owner of Pump Crossfit & Performance, came down to Crossfit Delaware Valley today to put on a strength seminar. The day-long seminar provided a lot of great info on all matters of strength, a more efficient and effective means of warming up, proper mechanics and two killer workouts.

OH Press/Squat/Deadlift Combo: w/25min Work Capacity Teams of 3 or 4
OH Press : work in sets of 5-6
Squat: work in sets of 6-8
Deadlift: work in sets of 3-5
perform each movement as a series...w/progressive loading

About 5 minutes rest, then...

Metcon: For Time
Pull-Ups 20-15-10-5-1
Lunges 50-40-30-20
Push-Ups 50/30 - 40/20 - 30/10 - 20/5
Straight Leg Sit-ups 20-20-20-20 

I don't even remember what my time was on the metcon but it was rough. I realized that I hadn't done push ups in a while when I hit muscle failure in the second round (40 reps). Scott provided a lot of great information today but one that was very applicable in the short term was shoulder positioning and pressing mechanics. If I retract my shoulders back and then down, making a shelf on my lat, and then keep my elbows in on the press, there was no pain. This was huge for me. Although maintaining that corrected posture and technique for multiple reps is something I need to work on.

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  1. Great info. on the push up. Funny you mention that. I was just saying to our coach and owner of Crossfit Carmel (North Indianapolis) that I'm amazed that something so simple as a push up can be so hard. After all....we do high reps of so much w/Crossfit, yet a push up is so challenging?! Thanks for sharing your info.


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