Training Log: 1/3/11

Controlled chaos from tonight's wod.
MWod #133
Shoulder PT/Rehab
Agile 8
Pigeon: 2 minutes per leg

Deadlift 1x5
Strict chin ups ladder 1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1
100 anchored sit ups

The wod at the gym tonight was entitled "D&D" as in Dungeons & Dragons. And like the game, your fate was decided by the die. The numbers on the die corresponded to a few preselected movements. You rolled the die five times to get five different movements for your wod. You then rolled again to determine the rep scheme, with the added kicker that each movement had a corresponding multiplier number that the die roll would be multiplied by. After each movement you followed it up with a 400 meter run or row. I opted out of this wod to stick with just strength movements. I'm on the tail end of getting over a cold and I didn't think a 30+ minute metcon was going to help my situation.

I pulled 320 for five, moving up five pounds from last time. My lifts felt slow but I got the weight up and with good form, so that's all that matters. My chin up ladder was halted when Kara yelled over to me to do sit ups with her. She was on her last movement of the wod and she had to do 130 anchored sit ups. I joined her at 30, and helped her through the next 100. Which meant I did 100 sit ups too.

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