Training Log: 1/31/11

Clean & Jerk 7×2

Progressively load the bar until you reach a new 2-rep max.

400m Run, then..

11,10,9…1 Push-ups
1,2,3…11 Sit-ups

then, 400m Run

I made 155 on the C&J and then went up to 175 and only made the first attempt, which tied my 1rm. I tried again twice on my final set and couldn't even get the clean. I was really trying to focusing on my shoulder positioning in the jerk portion and was able to lock it down and press without pain.

In the metcon I subbed rowing for the run and finished in 10:08. My chest and triceps were still sore from Saturday and the muscle fatigue set in early on the push-up portion. I thought my triceps might cramp up at some point and had to stop frequently to shake my arms out. 

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