Training Log: 1/5/11


3 rounds of:
Run 400m
21 KB Swings (53/35)
12 Pull ups

Today's workout is the benchmark for the Paleo Challenge that will start on Monday. At the end of the challenge, everyone competing will do this workout again to compare their times and see the progress they've made. 

I scaled the weight on the kb swing to 44 lbs to give my shoulder a little break. Although I don't know if 53lbs would've really made much of a difference since I don't have any pain in the swing. I think it saved my low back a little as there's still some residual soreness from the deadlifts on Monday. 

With 44lbs I did all of my swings unbroken. My pull ups were decent the first round, stringing together the first 7 in a row. In the later two rounds my kip was inconsistent and leaving me doing doubles or singles because I couldn't keep a rhythm and fatigue set in. The run was better than anticipated but my wheeze was prevalent from the first 400 meters. I  believe this is my first time doing this workout and I finished in 13:52, so I hopefully I do it RX'd next time and take a minute or more off my time. 

I may switch up some of my training in the near future if I decide to run a half-marathon that my wife and sister-in-law are doing at the beginning of April. We all ran one together last May and I didn't have the best experience, especially afterwards. I learned the hard way that you never make any changes (especially dietary) on game day. The training leading up to the race was not my first choice, so I am a little curious to see how I would do this time by sticking with what I'm doing and adding in two Crossfit Endurance running wods per week. 

Couch stretch: 5 minutes each leg
Pigeon: 2 minutes each leg
20 minutes active stretching/foam rolling/lax ball

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