Training Log: 1/7/11

Squat Clean 7×3

150 Low Box Jumps (16″/12″)
150 Double Unders

I ended my squat clean with 155 for three, and I believe that was only my sixth set. I could've filled an hour with just the cleans. I like to take my time between sets and give myself a few minutes to recover. But since the strength component was not intended to be a 3rm, I guess I should've moved my ass a little faster. I wanted to do more but given the volume of the metcon, it was probably better that I didn't. 

We were allowed to partition the metcon however we wanted. Given my troubles with double unders I decided to get all of them out of the way first.  I got my lashings for the week, as my arms, calves and probably ears show whip marks from the jump rope. I think I spent 75% of the workout on double unders and double under attempts (getting one rep at a time), which I counted because I was getting close to slinging the jump rope across the gym again. The box jumps were easy in comparison. My time for this wod was 22:51. 

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