Weighing and Measuring

I'm not a fan of weighing and measuring. I find it to be neurotic behavior. In my opinion, weighing and measuring everything you eat is an eating disorder. With that being said, I've been weighing and measuring my food since the start of the Paleo Challenge to see if I'm getting enough grams of protein each day as well as total calories.

I think weighing and measuring only works in the short term. It's good for teaching someone portion control, to fine tune your diet once you're at a desirable body composition, and you want to track how certain foods affect you.

Or, in my case, to shed some light on my undereating. But anymore than two weeks and I think it falls into that neurotic/compulsive behavior bucket.

I'm at the point now where I've got a good idea of what I need to eat each day to hit my minimum requirements and so I can retire the weighing and measuring, food journal be damned.

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