The Wisdom of Jack Lalanne

In memory of Jack Lalanne - the Godfather of Fitness - who passed away yesterday at the age of 96, I'd like to post a few short videos from his television show that aired from 1951 to 1984. Even back in the 50's he was preaching the dangers that sugar and lack of exercise can have on the body. And I'm gonna go out on a limb and say the slang term "Jacked" (referring to someone who is muscular) is a reference to Jack Lalanne, because look at him; the guy was Jacked.

And one final video because this is pretty bad ass.

If there's anyone out there crazy enough to try this (other than the folks at Crossfit Family), Jack Lalanne at the age of 45 did 1032 push ups in 23 minutes (as indicated in the video above). He also did 1000 push ups and 1000 pull ups (I'm sure without a kip either) in 1 hour and 22 minutes. Insane.

This insanity was also attempted by two members of Crossfit Family and Lalanne's grand nephew and CF affiliate owner Chris Lalanne. The two guys from CF Family broke it up into two 45 minute segments starting with pull ups and did max reps in that time frame. Their totals were 300 pull ups and 523 push ups and 215 pull ups and 360 pull ups. Chris Lalanne totaled 500 reps of each movement before he had to stop because his hands were torn to shreds. I'm not sure what the time was for that, but still it's a ridiculously impressive feat. Just completing 1000 pull ups and push ups is impressive let alone the time. This further goes to show how much of a bad ass Jack Lalanne was.

***UPDATE*** Also, check out this blog post from Seth Godin about Jack Lalanne.

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