Rest Week

If it seems as if I've been slacking in my blog posts and training this week, it's because I have. This week has turned out to be an unplanned rest week. Having to deal with some family matters for over the past week has taken up a lot of my time.

While I'm sure I've started to atrophy a slight bit by now, there's nothing wrong with taking a week off every so often. I've been focusing on getting more sleep this week and going to bed earlier, when possible. My nightly routine has been the following:

45 minutes prior to trying to fall asleep I take one Zinc supplement (100 mg) and make a mug of Natural Calm (recommended two tsp dose), and my daily fish oil. I have been taking Natural Calm for about three or four months now and still don't really care for the taste.

I then put a heating pad on the bed and lay on my back on top of it for 30 minutes. I'll do a few hip stretches and crack my back as part of my nightly routine. Most of the time I'll fall asleep before I remember to turn the heating pad off. Fortunately, the heating pad automatically shuts off after a certain amount of time.

I've tried to make the bedroom as dark as possible but there's still some light that pokes through. My solution for that was to wear a travel sleep mask from REI I had gotten back in August for our trip to London, and sleep with that on. I've gotten used to it and it does a great job of blocking out the light.

During the course of this week I experimented with a tip from T.S. Wiley for falling asleep. Take one to two Trader Joe's chewable melatonin pills and rather than chew them, let them dissolve on your tongue. Between a combination of the supplements, heating pad and eye mask, I've been getting to sleep earlier, sleeping longer, and waking up feeling well rested this week. And I've needed it. I didn't use the melatonin every night but did notice some weird dreams on the nights I did take it. But most of my dreams are a little weird, so that's normal for me.


  1. If I had a spot like that hammock, I might never work out again.


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