Training Log: 2/11/11

Back Squat 5×5
Progressive loading.

3 rounds of:
1 min KB Swings (53/35)
1 min Squat Thrusts
1 min Rest

Got up to 215 on the last set of five which put me at the weight I should be at in my strength progression. The problem here is that I haven't back squatted since January 14th. So, I'm glad that I was able to still move up in weight but disappointed in myself for slacking. I really need to get more time under the bar. My back squat hasn't progressed as fast as I'd like. For the metcon I finished with a total of 76 KB swings and 66 squat thrusts. 

On the allergy front, my witch doctor said I'm still not clear so it's another two weeks of the cleanse. I'm fine with another week, that's the same as doing the Whole30 (and the cleanse is practically the same as the Whole30), which I've done before. A fifth week though? Well, if I weren't currently in the midst of long-ass paleo challenge that goes to seven weeks (possibly eight, TBD), then I'd probably say this is all bullshit cut it off at 30 days.

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