Training Log: 2/12/11

100 Close-Hands Push-Ups

Performed in as few ‘sub-maximal’ sets as possible.

Tabata Pull-ups and Tabata Front Squats (95/65)

Alternate exercises

The push-ups took me 8 sets. I tried to focus on my form while doing this in as few sets as possible. I have a tendency to drop my butt and push up from my chest during the movement. So I focused on staying more rigid. I still need to work on it as well as build up some strength in the push-up.

Oh the tabata. Do you game it and pick a moderate number you can maintain for all 8 rounds, or do you go all out and let the inevitable fatigue leave you with a lower score? The tabata ended up with a low score of 3 and 3 for each movement. My total reps were 44 for the pull-up and 37 for the front squat for a grand total of 81. Had I gamed it and tried for 5 reps each round in each movement, I would've ended up with 40 reps each, or 80 reps total. In this case, gaming it and assuming I could maintain those reps across all 8 sets of each movement, would've given me a higher score in each movement (by 2 reps) and only one less rep of total work. Gaming tabata appears to be the way to go. 

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