Training Log: 2/17/11

Cash In
One hard 800m run

100 Close-Hands Push-Ups

In 8 minutes, perform as many rounds as possible of:
10 Vertical Jumps (16″/12″)
20m Broad Jumps
20m Plate Pinch Carries

For the Plate Pinches, gents use 45s and ladies use 25s. Pinch the outer rim of the plate only.

I treated the first 400 meters of the run as an extended warm up and just kept pace with Kara. For the last 400 I started feeling a little better and moving quicker. My time of 4:09 was far from spectacular, but given that I'm not a very fast runner I guess I'll take it.

I improved on my 100 push-ups by finishing in 7 sets, as opposed to the 8 it took me on Saturday. My form felt better this time as well, although I felt my hips dropping in the later sets. 

Broad jumps always wipe me out, but the deceptive killer in this wod was carrying 45# bumper plates with your fingertips. That sucked. My left hand grip started to fail in round 4 and I kept dropping the plate. Running with the plates seemed to make me lose my grip even faster from the bouncing. The only way to maintain it was to stay tight and power walk. I finished with 4 rounds + 10 vertical jumps + 20m of broad jumps and 10m of the plate carry.

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