Training Log: 2/27/11

I don't know this dude, but his beard is burly.
2 deadlifts on the minute for 10 minutes

2x10 reverse hyper w/ 70 lbs

Prowler push sprint 100 feet
10x w/ 180 lbs (not timed)

After five days off I wasn't sure what I wanted to do today. I ended up working out with Rich from my gym and he had the great idea to deadlifts with added band tension (about 25 lbs) We did two deads every minute for 10 minutes. I started with 185 for the first five minutes and then upped it to 205 for the last five minutes. This was my first time ever doing any lift with bands. The workout was fast and fun. I could've maybe gone a little heavier but since it was my first time playing around with it, it was probably better to stay light. 

Afterward, since it was warm and sunny out today I thought it might be fun to push the new prowler around. And it was. We went as fast as we could and rested as little as needed. I definitely want to do that more often.

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