Training Log: 2/3/11

Power Clean and Jerk – 7×2

Progressively load to reach a new 2-rep max.

500m row x2 (all out effort)

I took the same progression on today's clean and jerk as I did on Monday with the squat clean and jerk. I can power clean as much as my squat clean so that means my front squat is weak sauce. I got up to 175 again and could only get the first rep. Today, however, I wised up and dropped down to 170 on my last set and made both reps. 

I wasn't able to do the programmed metcon because there was a larger than normal turnout for the 5:30 am class and we ran out of medicine balls. So instead I did two max effort 500m rows. This wasn't a true time trial, and I'd still like to see what my 500m row time would be when I'm fresh, but I took 2 seconds off my previous 500m row. So I got that going for me...which is nice. My times for the row were 1:41.5 and 1:51.4. 

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