Training Log: 2/6/11

Reverse Hyper: 2x20 w/ 20lbs
Barbell Row: 3x5 w/ 135

Double Unders

Back, Hips, Glutes, Hamstrings, Shoulders

I used the open gym session at the box today to focus on the above, but mainly double unders: my arch nemesis. My problem with double unders is that my arms tend to drift out as I'm jumping. So, I tried doubling up a blue pull-up band and wrapping it around myself at the elbows to keep them pinned down. I looked ridiculous but it kept my arms down. The next issue was to focus on keeping my hands in as well. After practicing a few minutes with the band wrapped around me, I took it off and tried jumping rope like a normal person. I was able to get three double unders in a row at a time, which is a slight improvement.

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