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Paleo Apple and Pear Crumble

1 cup almond meal (Trader Joe's)
1 cup coconut flour (Bob's Red Mill)
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
3/4 cup chopped walnuts
1/2 cup coconut butter (melted)
1/4 cup honey (melted)
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
4 large apples (2 granny smith, 2 red delicious) and 2 medium bartlett pears, peeled, cored, then chopped in half 

Preheat the oven to 350.

Grease a 9x13 baking dish with about a tablespoon of coconut oil, and evenly distribute the chopped apples and pears. If you really like cinnamon, add a dusting to the chopped fruit, stir it up and add a second dusting.

In a large bowl, add the dry ingredients and mix together. In a small bowl, combine the wet ingredients and mix together. Add the wet ingredients to the dry and mix thoroughly by hand. 

Spoon the crumble mixture over top of the fruit to cover it. 

Cover the baking dish in aluminum foil and bake at 350 for 50 minutes. After 50 minutes, remove the aluminum foil and bake for another 10 minutes or until the top is golden brown.  Serve warm with a scoop (or two, or three) of Purely Decadent Vanilla Bean Coconut Milk Ice Cream

Training Log: 3/29/11

Rest Day
Skydeck at Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) - February 2010

Training Log: 3/28/11

Kara hates this picture because of the face she's making. I think it's bad ass.
Push Press 5×2

After each set, go immediately to the rings and perform a max-effort set of ring rows. Try to get back on the rack for your next Push Press double in about 3 minutes.

100 Air Squats for time, then rest exactly one minute and run a hard 800m. Score is total time for squats, rest and run.

Cash Out
Barbell Power Shrug 2x8

I woke up sore and stiff this morning, cursing Tom. After some coffee (FYI: Green Mountain Coffee's Espresso Blend for Keurig is awesome) I was feeling better. When we went to the gym tonight I noticed my right shoulder was sore and that it's been a while since I iced it. Mental note on that one. 

Despite the pain, I managed to work my way up to 160 on my last set of two on the push press. On the ring rows I held back a little until the last set when I did an almost max effort. 

The metcon sucked. All of the soreness from yesterday came back and my quads were burning after 25 squats. The run actually wasn't bad besides the whole wheezing part and my nose wouldn't stop running and it felt like I was running into the wind the whole time, but besides that, it was fine. I finished the metcon in 8:07. 

The barbell shrug was something I haven't done in a very long time. It's a common move in any globo gym, usually performed in front of the mirror by the dumbbell rack. On average, you can lift about 5-10% more weight if you yell out "What!" or "Traps!" as you reach the top of the shrug. I stuck with 185 for two sets on the shrugs and called it a day. 

Food Porn: Southern Comfort Food Sunday

After a long workout you need a big meal. 
 F*ck yeah, Ribs! With mashed sweet potato and butternut squash and sauteed kale.

For dessert, paleo apple and pear crumble with vanilla bean coconut milk ice cream. Recipe coming soon...

Training Log: 3/27/11

Photo: Crossfit Tribe
Team WOD

Only 2 people can work at a time.

1-mile sled drag (45#)
225 deadlift (135, 95)
225 ring push-ups
225 wallballs (20#)
225 GHD/sit-ups
225 hang power clean (95/65)
1-mile run

Wow, this was a painstorm programmed by Tom. The 1-mile sled drag could've been it's own workout. The hills around the gym made it absolutely brutal. Even going downhill was a little challenging because the sled kept jerking you back as you ran, which is like trying to drive while pumping the brakes. I did this workout with four other people from the gym (Tom, Chris, Meg and Colleen) and having that built-in rest period (albeit a short rest) on each movement was nice. We cycled through each of the movements fairly quickly, with two people doing the work at a time while the other three rested. I found the wallballs the most tiring of the five movements, but wallballs always give me trouble. The last mile was a bitch. We did "Indian Runs" where everyone runs single file and the last person runs to the front of the line and you keep cycling through that way. The pace was fast for me and I kept dragging behind. I eventually told the rest of the group to go ahead because I was wheezing pretty bad and it felt like I was running in a pool. This just further hammers down that I need to run more.

Training Log: 3/23/11

Strength I
Split Jerk 7×1

Rest approximately 2 minutes between each single.

Strength II
Power Clean 3×3

2 minutes rest between sets.

I wasn't sure I even wanted to go to the gym tonight. I was in a bit of a funk and my back was still feeling a little weird. But my hot wife made me go. And yes, she's standing over my shoulder as I type this, but I'm glad I went. I PR'd by 20 lbs on the split jerk with 205. I tried twice at 215 and failed both times. I didn't have much left for the power clean. All three sets were really ugly, but I stuck with 165 for the last two sets.

Training Log: 3/22/11


Thrusters (95/65)

Uggh, Fran. I think that's a common reaction when you hear this workout come up. Some people flip the F' out and get way too excited for this workout. Those people are sick and need to seek professional help. For any sane person the common physical and emotional reactions should be as follows: anxiety, dread, nausea, heart palpitations and just a little bit of pee in your pants. Just a little bit. Not too much.

The last time I did Fran was on 10/12/10. I scaled it to 75 lbs and it took me 9:38. Today I did it rx'd in 10:38 and it sucked the whole time. I was intentionally trying to focus on my breathing and break up the rounds as needed. I know my limitations on this workout and I didn't want to go nuts on the first round, and then spend a lot of time staring at the bar. I guess it's still improvement because I used 20 lbs more than last time, but I did not feel good from the start. I was wheezing halfway through the first round and I re-tweaked a muscle in my mid-to-upper back that was bothering me a week or two ago. Fran is one of those workouts you need to warm up for 30 minutes prior to getting started. But even then, aren't you just delaying the inevitable?

Guest Post on CFDV: House Rules

O'Doyle doesn't rule. The CFDV House Rules is available for your reading pleasure. Obey the rules.

Crossfit Games 2011 - Open Sectionals WOD 1

Photo credit: Chris Plentus

With the recent announcement that the first WOD of the 2011 Crossfit Games Open Sectionals will be extended by a week, the immediate reaction from the masses was a bit of negative one; with plenty of complaints and frustration voiced at Crossfit HQ. Those who have spoken ill of the party have been documented by Dave Castro and will be blacklisted. I'm just kidding. The CF Secret Police are still being trained at B.U.D.S., and are not scheduled for activation until the 2012 season.

I can definitely see the frustration toward the 6-week open schedule, and then seeing that amplified when there are hiccups and delays in the process. But, let's look at this from another angle. The 6-week format (while it's not perfect) is laying the ground work for Crossfit to actually become a real sport. By keeping this structure we now have a competition season, like any other sport. And with that, you can set a clearly defined off-season, cycle your training, and it also allows other members of the Crossfit community to get a feel for the competition side of Crossfit without it being too overwhelming. It's just one workout on one day, surrounded mostly by a small group of people you know. As opposed to three workouts in a day with a few hundred strangers staring at you.

Yes, there have been problems and everything hasn't run very smoothly. I understand the frustration and think everyone has the right to be frustrated. Yes, six weeks in a row of events is taxing and time consuming, and may not fit in with your work life, family life, and social life. This format is a departure from last year, and the argument that it's not testing for intra-day recovery/capacity from multiple wods is a legitimate argument that I fully agree with. But let's be honest, this year's dark horse has probably been to a Crossfit competition somewhere, and has experienced doing multiple workouts in a day on more than one occasion. If Crossfit is your sport, and you call yourself a competitor, quit your bitching and just compete.

Photo credit: Chris Plentus
The mental side of competition is more important than the physical side. If the mind tells the body to keep going, the body will listen. This hiccup in the system is a mental test as much as a physical test. Can you adapt? Can you deal with the unknown and unknowable? Will you do the workout five more times and run yourself into the ground to get your best possible score?  Or, play it safe and continue with your tapered training as before? It's kind of like the SATs: best to take it more than once but after that your score either stays the same or goes down. This is just one of six workouts that you will be ranked on, and you have to keep that in mind. The people that win these competitions don't come in first place on every workout. Sometimes they don't come in first place on any workout.

If anyone is going to do WOD 1 a second (or third, or fourth) time, here is a compilation of tips and strategies from Crossfit athletes and coaches that will help you in WOD 1. I will not be attempting this workout again because for me, there's no point. I suck at double unders. 10,000 double under challenge be damned. So, the chances are strong that my score will not increase very much, if any at all. Now, if you're someone who is solid in double unders and just didn't game the snatches very well, then you would be better off trying it again in a few days; preferably with someone there coaching to keep you on pace.

Carl Paoli's insights on WOD 1.

Carl Paoli's movement prep for WOD 1.

Pat Barber's tips.

And one last video just for shits and giggles. This is basically a post from Drywall Crossfit regarding Frequently Asked Questions about the Crossfit Games Open Sectionals, put to animation. You have to be able to laugh at yourself.

Friday Fire: Defying Gravity

Photo: Kiera Dubach
Yeah, that's me and Kara in the picture. It hasn't been photoshopped or altered in anyway. I wasn't on strings or jumping off of anything. This was actually one of our engagement photos taken by our friend Kiera, and I'm not really kicking Kara in the face. That wouldn't be very nice. I'm actually a foot closer to the camera than Kara is, so there is a bit of perspective being played with here. But yeah, I'm flying through the air like a ninja. It's pretty awesome.

Growing up, I always looked forward to the NBA All-Star Game weekend simply for the slam dunk contest. The classic showdowns between Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins were legendary. But as a kid, you can't help but get caught up in the magic of watching a little 5'7" man fly through the air. I'm talking about Spud Webb. As a kid, watching someone not much taller than you throw down with the big boys, how can you not be inspired by that? How can you not think, hey, maybe I can do that?

At the end of the street I grew up on there was a shared adjustable basketball hoop that I spent hours upon hours at having dunk contests with my friends; recreating the dunks of Dr. J, Wilkins, Jordan, Barkley, Webb and of course Chocolate Thunder himself: Darryl Dawkins. As I grew taller the hoop got higher and higher. When I got to junior high I ran track, but only focused on the jumping events: long jump, triple jump and high jump. By the time I got to high school I left track for volleyball because it looked like more fun and I wanted to fly. If I could have any super power it would be the gift of flight. And actually, I always wanted to be a setter but somehow ended up as a middle hitter. By my junior year I was dunking volleyballs. Nothing fancy. Just a regular one handed dunk. But, in my mind I was flying; if only for a few seconds.

So, how did I achieve this goal? Granted, I think I have a natural ability to jump that others may not have. But that's not to say that anyone else couldn't add inches to their vertical jump if they really tried and trained for it. My vertical jump is nothing for the record books. I'm sure there are 300 lb linemen with a higher vert than mine. But a combination of natural ability and persistence helped to build on what I already had to attain my goal. In high school I read up on ways to increase my vertical jump by weight lifting and plyometrics, but really, the best way to increase your vertical jump is to just keep jumping; over and over and over again. The same can be said for any task or sport. How do you get better at it? By doing it. It may have taken me 10 years (and puberty) to reach my goal, but I did reach it.

Here are a few videos of people who can really defy gravity and fly. Enjoy.

Coconut Almond Butter Chocolate Chunk Brownie (or, F*cking Awesome in My Mouth)

Kara wanted to call this recipe F*cking Awesome in My Mouth. While that is an accurate description, I didn't think it was very search engine friendly. Two of those words together in the same search brings in a completely different demographic. While I'm sure there is some overlap with porn and Crossfit, that's not what I'm going for here. 

I made this up last night in preparation for a Chili and Wings Throwdown we're hosting on Sunday afternoon. The original plan was to make a paleo alternative to cornbread, but somehow I ended up making a decadent brownie dessert instead. Either way everyone wins.

Coconut Almond Butter Chocolate Chunk Brownie
1 jar of almond butter (the cheap stuff from Whole Foods)
2 eggs

¼ cup of raw organic honey, melted
1 tbsp vanilla extract
½ tsp sea salt
1 tsp baking soda
½ cup shredded coconut flakes
1 Lindt 80% dark chocolate bar, chopped

Preheat oven to 325.

Microwave the jar of almond butter for about 30 seconds to soften it, and then pour the almond butter into a large bowl. Add the eggs and mix with a hand mixer until smooth. Melt the honey in the microwave. Add the honey, vanilla, salt, and baking soda, and mix the batter. Then add in coconut flakes and continue to mix thoroughly. The batter with be very thick and sticky.

Fold in chopped chocolate pieces.

Pour mixture into 9x9 ungreased pan or glass baking dish. Bake for 35-40 minutes.

Best served warm and with Purely Decadent Chocolate Coconut Milk Ice Cream.

Training Log: 3/17/11

Cash In
5 rounds of max-hold L-sits

Team Workout
Partner up with someone about your size. Perform 100 reps total (between both teammates) of the following:
Tire Flips (big tire for the gents, smaller ones for the ladies)
Box Jumps (20/16)
Slam Balls (30/20)
Squat Thrusts

I haven't done L-sits in a long time and they were definitely challenging. The partner wod was fun. I teamed up with Tony and we were given the biggest tire available. It looked heavier than what it actually was. I found the tire flip to be the easiest of the four movements. Box jumps were by far the most taxing for me. We took the strategy of going 1:1 on tire flips and box jumps, and then 10 each on slam balls and squat thrusts, finishing in 15:55.

Training Log: 3/15/11


Mr Joshua
Five rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
30 GHD sit-ups
250 pound deadlift, 15 reps

This wod is ridiculous. I think some of the Hero wods are intentionally programmed to cripple people. 75 deadlifts at 250 lbs is just asking to blow a disc out of your back so hard it'll ricochet off the wall. I scaled way down on this because I didn't even plan on working out today. But Kara was so intimidated by this workout that she felt that she had to do it. So then I felt like I had to do it too. Everything felt sore and stiff so I scaled the deadlift to 135 lbs and did anchored sit-ups. And I'm glad I did because I know I'll be able to walk tomorrow. 

The deadlift was easy. The hardest part of this workout was the running, and that's an area I definitely need to work on. I think I need a new pair of sneakers too. But anyway, this workout ended up taking me 20:38. It seemed like everyone was chasing someone else in this wod, which made us all work harder. That's what I love about working out in a group, it keeps me from getting complacent. 

Training Log: 3/14/11

Close Hands Pushups – 150 Reps (or 75 Bar Dips). Scale liberally if you’ve never tried this before. Keep all sets ‘submaximal’ until the final effort.

21 – 15 – 9 rep rounds of:
Power Snatch (95/65)
Goblet Squats (35/25)

I scaled the push ups to 100 and did it in 6 sets. The metcon was a lower back smoker and it took me 9:50 to complete. Afterward, I spent about five minutes trying to get a muscle up. I haven't attempted a muscle up since early November. But I felt like my shoulder was strong enough to give it a go. Maybe being a fatigued state is not the best time to try and complete a technical move like that. I came very close on a few attempts but couldn't seem to shoot through to get into the dip portion. I need to try it again when I'm fresh and keep my elbows in. And when I do get my first muscle up, there will be video. 

The Caffeine Poster

Poster from Coolinfographics.

Ever wanted to know how many cups of your favorite caffeinated beverage it would take to kill you? Find out with the Death by Caffeine Calculator.

Training Log: 3/13/11

In 2-minute cycles perform three squats and 10 box jumps. Use the remaining time within the 2-minute period to add weight and recover.

Squat 5×3 – Sets across

Box jump 5x10 – 32 inch box

After completing, rest 5 minutes then...

Find your max height box jump.

I took a long time to warm up this morning and shake out some cobwebs. My squats felt loose, which was not good, and now my back feels tweaked. Squat/box jump combo was challenging and the last few sets I had to fight through. The box jump height was not a problem, even in bare feet. 

To find my max box jump I just kept stacking 45 lb bumpers up and jumping on top until I reached a height that was challenging. I ended up at 42 inches. I was satisfied with that so I didn't attempt anything higher. Jumping onto bumpers that high is a little nerve wracking as it does not feel steady or secure like a box does. 

Friday Fire: Run For Your Life

I'm going to start a new series of posts today called Friday Fire. The purpose of this series is to display amazing feats of physicality and as a means of motivation and inspiration in training. We'll kick things off with a Nike+ commercial about running. Take a look...

As you can see in this video, we've gone from running for survival to running for obligation; Phoning it in on a treadmill with a view of the outside world. We are not hamsters. We were not meant to run on revolving wheels. Running is a natural part of our existence. We ran down our food. We ran away from predators. As time went on, we ran toward predators. Today, we run in place. Going nowhere fast. We take baby steps in one fixed area in space, hopping from foot to foot with a Wii remote and calling that exercise.

I'll occasionally go for a run because I feel that endurance training has its place in overall health. But I'd much rather get my running in during play time. Put me in a sport, any sport, and I love running. I'll chase down a ball or an opponent until my lungs burn. I find sports have a more applicable use of the most natural means of running: all out sprints. Every person in the above commercial (except for the dude at the end on the treadmill) had one thing in common; they were all running with purpose.

Run for your life.

Training Log: 3/10/11

Cash In
Every time they say Roxanne or even Rox or Ro, do a burpee.

In 2-minute cycles perform three deadlifts and eight dumbbell press. Use the remaining time within the 2-minute period to add weight and recover.

Deadlift 5×3 – Progressive loading

Dumbbell Press 5×8 – Sets across

Cash Out
5 rounds of:
20 seconds of max strict knees-to-elbows 
20 seconds of max slamball (30/20)
20 seconds of rest

This was a lot of work crammed into an hour. I was hoping to add 10 lbs to last week's 3rm in the deadlift but given the short rest periods and my back just not feeling it tonight, I got up to 335lbs in my last set of three. I used 35lb dumbbells for the press which was a 5lb increase from last Friday. 

I kept my KTE and slamball to the same number of reps for each round, 4 and 7 respectively. I went slow again on the KTE and really focused on controlling the descent. 

Tonight left me pretty tired overall and really hungry. So I ate almost a whole chicken with some veggies for dinner and followed that up with a pint of chocolate coconut milk ice cream (So Delicious brand). 

Food Porn: 45-Day Dry-Aged Ribeye

When Kara and I left the house last night we intended to make a trip to Ikea and then go grocery shopping. Not even two miles from the house, we had managed to talk ourselves out of Ikea and somehow decided to make a trip to Wayne for dinner. We ended up trying out a new tapas restaurant called Matador, which is a toned-down, more affordable Amada. I feel dirty mentioning the two restaurants in the same sentence because really nothing compares to Amada in my mind. This was a big ass steak. It sort of looks like humpback whale breaching the surface. The dish came with catalan spinach and spanish potatoes but the steak was such a behemoth that it swallowed up those other items and ate them itself. I'm sure they were very tasty.

Training Log: 3/8/11

7 pm class - Kickin' Ass and Takin' Names
Bench Press 5×3 – Sets across. Add 5-10#’s from last Wednesday

3 rounds of:
Run 400m
21 KB swings (53/35)
12 Pull-ups

I misread the bench press instructions and did a progressive load. I made 175 for three but only got 185 one time. My bench is weak sauce.

Today's metcon was Helen. The last time I did this was on January 5th just prior to the start of the Paleo Challenge at CFDV. This was meant to be the baseline workout for the Paleo Challenge. In my prior attempt, I did the workout in 13:52 with a 44lb kettlebell. Tonight, I did it 12:37 (1:15 PR)
and used a 53lb kettlebell. I'd say that's improvement.

Stevo Poulin = Lil' Bad Ass

This 8-year-old bad ass is full of piss and vinegar and he's been put on this planet to do two things: have a sweet mohawk and kick major ass. Poulin has some serious brute strength, I'll give him that. But I wouldn't be surprised if he's had some Judo and BJJ training, based on how he hip tosses his opponents.

Training Log: 3/6/11

Row 1K
40 pound dumbbell squat snatch, 50 reps
Row 750m
40 pound dumbbell squat snatch, 35 reps
Row 500m
40 pound dumbbell squat snatch, 20 reps

Split the reps between both arms.

This workout was a beast. My hip flexors and all related business have been really tight lately so I spent a few minutes on mobility in that area before warming up. The mobility work helped but there was still some tightness and pain when squatting. During the workout, I treated the row as active recovery but it was still a leg burner. I used a 30 lb dumbbell for the squat snatches and my strategy throughout was to do 5 squat snatches with my right arm, put the dumbbell down, rest a few seconds, 
and then repeat on the left side. This seemed to work 
fairly well for me and I finished in 23:36. 

Sean Croxton on Girl Scout Cookies

Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness gives an interesting perspective on the Girl Scout cookie program and its lack of social responsibility.

Training Log: 3/5/11

One hard 800m run or 1000m row

5 rounds of:
10 Overhead Squats (95/65)
10 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
10 Sit-ups (straight legs, unanchored)

Overhead squats always end up giving me more trouble than I think they should. When you break it down, yeah I can easily squat 95 lbs and power snatching 95 isn't too hard either. But staying tight and holding that position over and over is where it gets tricky. I didn't have to break up the sets on the OHS until the last two rounds. I know my depth was probably not low enough either and that's partially a flexibility issue. And there's something about 5 round wods that always mentally
kick my butt. They always seem so long to me. I finished this workout in 15:09.

Birke Baehr: What's Wrong With Our Food System

Sometimes it takes an 11-year-old kid to make sense of the world we live in.

Also, check out Birke's blog.

Training Log: 3/4/11

Alternate between two movements:

Deadlift 5×3 – Progressive loading
Rest 2 minutes

Dumbbell Press 5×8 – Sets across
Rest 1 minute

Cash Out
5 sets of strict knees-to-elbows

I ended with 365 lbs (PR) for the deadlift. A pound for every day of the year. I was pretty pleased with that. I used 30 lb dumbbells for sets across on the press. I should have gone heavier on that. The knees-to-elbows went like this: 11, 8, 7, 7, 3. The last set I focused on lowering my legs slowly for two seconds on the way down. I have tendency to swing like a pendulum when I do knees-to-elbows, so on the last set I tried to correct that by slowing everything down on the descent. 

Training Log: 3/2/11

Bench Press 5×3

Sets across. 90-95% of your last 1-rep max.

3 rounds for time:
10 Slam Balls
15 Slam Ball Squat Cleans
20 Overhead Lunge Steps (using the ball)

50 Pull-ups, not for time and all subsets done submaximally.

I worked my way up to a working set of 3 for the bench. I wanted to see how my shoulder was feeling before getting too heavy. Taking what I learned from Scott Paltos, I was really focusing on squeezing my shoulder blades together during the movement. This helped and I had barely any shoulder pain. I decided to keep the weight at 155 and take it easy today. I'll get a little bit more daring the next time I bench. 

The metcon was no joke. We recently got slamballs in the gym and the weights are 20 and 30 lbs. I went with the 30 pounder for this workout and it messed me up. My time was 9:46 and my legs were smoked by the end. I had to hobble over to the corner to get a foam roller to try and get some mobility back in my lower half. Otherwise, I would be walking around all day like it's my first day in prison and the entire cell block just ran a train on me. 

The cash out was worked in during the bench press doing strict pull-ups instead of the intended kipping, and capped it at 25 strict pull-ups.

Double Unders Today: 25
Double Under Challenge Total: 25

Robb Wolf and Art De Vany on Nightline

From the 3/1/11 episode of ABC's Nightline. Featured in this segment are Robb Wolf, Art De Vany, and Crossfit South Brooklyn. Shown but not mentioned were Paleo bloggers: John Durant, and Melissa McEwen.

Sweet Potato Chips

This is an easy snack to take with you for travel or as a pre- or post-workout carb. For this recipe I used one sweet potato about seven or eight inches in length.

1 sweet potato
2 tbsp cinnamon
1 pinch of sea salt
2 tbsp coconut oil

Heat the oven to 375. Peel the potatoes and then slice them into chips (round discs). If you want to replicate a traditional potato chip, slice it as thin as you can. If you're going for a french fry consistency, keep it to around 1/4 inch in thickness. Put the sliced sweet potato into a large bowl, drizzle the coconut oil over the potatoes and mix well. Add the cinnamon and salt. If the bowl has a lid, place the lid on it or cover with plastic wrap and shake the hell out of it. This will mix and coat the seasonings all over the chips.

Grease a baking sheet with a little coconut oil. Bake the potatoes for 20 minutes on one side, flip all of them over and bake for another 20 minutes. If you sliced them to potato chip thinness, keep an eye on them as they won't need to be in there as long.

They'll keep for several days in ziploc bags or tupperware, but will lose some of the crispiness. If you don't mind eating them soft, they're still a really good treat and smell like dessert.

The 10,000 Double Under Challenge

Today starts the 10,000 Double Under Challenge at Crossfit Delaware Valley. I'd like to think that my constant lamenting on my lack of skill in the double under inspired this challenge but I doubt it. There's lots of people at the gym that have trouble with double unders. If anyone else wants to join in on this endeavor, here's how it will break down.

During the month of March, accumulate 10,000 total double unders. If you're feeling really ambitious and already have competency in double unders aim to complete all 10,000 yourself. FYI, that breaks down to about 322 per day for 31 days. Not too bad if you're decent at double unders.

If you're like me and completely suck at them, the other option is to partner up with one or two other people and do this as a team challenge. You can divide the total reps amongst the team and make the total number a little bit more realistic and manageable.

Let me know if you're taking part. And good luck if you're up to the challenge.

Carl Paoli breaks down the double under progression.
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