The 10,000 Double Under Challenge

Today starts the 10,000 Double Under Challenge at Crossfit Delaware Valley. I'd like to think that my constant lamenting on my lack of skill in the double under inspired this challenge but I doubt it. There's lots of people at the gym that have trouble with double unders. If anyone else wants to join in on this endeavor, here's how it will break down.

During the month of March, accumulate 10,000 total double unders. If you're feeling really ambitious and already have competency in double unders aim to complete all 10,000 yourself. FYI, that breaks down to about 322 per day for 31 days. Not too bad if you're decent at double unders.

If you're like me and completely suck at them, the other option is to partner up with one or two other people and do this as a team challenge. You can divide the total reps amongst the team and make the total number a little bit more realistic and manageable.

Let me know if you're taking part. And good luck if you're up to the challenge.

Carl Paoli breaks down the double under progression.

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  1. Of all the stuff that others beat me at my box, double unders are the one thing I actually do well and feel confident at doing. Once you get it, you're good to go. It's about finding that rhythm and not moving your arms so much. Good luck....check this freak out..

    Solid pic by the way....


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