Friday Fire: Run For Your Life

I'm going to start a new series of posts today called Friday Fire. The purpose of this series is to display amazing feats of physicality and as a means of motivation and inspiration in training. We'll kick things off with a Nike+ commercial about running. Take a look...

As you can see in this video, we've gone from running for survival to running for obligation; Phoning it in on a treadmill with a view of the outside world. We are not hamsters. We were not meant to run on revolving wheels. Running is a natural part of our existence. We ran down our food. We ran away from predators. As time went on, we ran toward predators. Today, we run in place. Going nowhere fast. We take baby steps in one fixed area in space, hopping from foot to foot with a Wii remote and calling that exercise.

I'll occasionally go for a run because I feel that endurance training has its place in overall health. But I'd much rather get my running in during play time. Put me in a sport, any sport, and I love running. I'll chase down a ball or an opponent until my lungs burn. I find sports have a more applicable use of the most natural means of running: all out sprints. Every person in the above commercial (except for the dude at the end on the treadmill) had one thing in common; they were all running with purpose.

Run for your life.

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