Training Log: 3/10/11

Cash In
Every time they say Roxanne or even Rox or Ro, do a burpee.

In 2-minute cycles perform three deadlifts and eight dumbbell press. Use the remaining time within the 2-minute period to add weight and recover.

Deadlift 5×3 – Progressive loading

Dumbbell Press 5×8 – Sets across

Cash Out
5 rounds of:
20 seconds of max strict knees-to-elbows 
20 seconds of max slamball (30/20)
20 seconds of rest

This was a lot of work crammed into an hour. I was hoping to add 10 lbs to last week's 3rm in the deadlift but given the short rest periods and my back just not feeling it tonight, I got up to 335lbs in my last set of three. I used 35lb dumbbells for the press which was a 5lb increase from last Friday. 

I kept my KTE and slamball to the same number of reps for each round, 4 and 7 respectively. I went slow again on the KTE and really focused on controlling the descent. 

Tonight left me pretty tired overall and really hungry. So I ate almost a whole chicken with some veggies for dinner and followed that up with a pint of chocolate coconut milk ice cream (So Delicious brand). 

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