Training Log: 3/13/11

In 2-minute cycles perform three squats and 10 box jumps. Use the remaining time within the 2-minute period to add weight and recover.

Squat 5×3 – Sets across

Box jump 5x10 – 32 inch box

After completing, rest 5 minutes then...

Find your max height box jump.

I took a long time to warm up this morning and shake out some cobwebs. My squats felt loose, which was not good, and now my back feels tweaked. Squat/box jump combo was challenging and the last few sets I had to fight through. The box jump height was not a problem, even in bare feet. 

To find my max box jump I just kept stacking 45 lb bumpers up and jumping on top until I reached a height that was challenging. I ended up at 42 inches. I was satisfied with that so I didn't attempt anything higher. Jumping onto bumpers that high is a little nerve wracking as it does not feel steady or secure like a box does. 

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