Training Log: 3/17/11

Cash In
5 rounds of max-hold L-sits

Team Workout
Partner up with someone about your size. Perform 100 reps total (between both teammates) of the following:
Tire Flips (big tire for the gents, smaller ones for the ladies)
Box Jumps (20/16)
Slam Balls (30/20)
Squat Thrusts

I haven't done L-sits in a long time and they were definitely challenging. The partner wod was fun. I teamed up with Tony and we were given the biggest tire available. It looked heavier than what it actually was. I found the tire flip to be the easiest of the four movements. Box jumps were by far the most taxing for me. We took the strategy of going 1:1 on tire flips and box jumps, and then 10 each on slam balls and squat thrusts, finishing in 15:55.

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