Training Log: 3/2/11

Bench Press 5×3

Sets across. 90-95% of your last 1-rep max.

3 rounds for time:
10 Slam Balls
15 Slam Ball Squat Cleans
20 Overhead Lunge Steps (using the ball)

50 Pull-ups, not for time and all subsets done submaximally.

I worked my way up to a working set of 3 for the bench. I wanted to see how my shoulder was feeling before getting too heavy. Taking what I learned from Scott Paltos, I was really focusing on squeezing my shoulder blades together during the movement. This helped and I had barely any shoulder pain. I decided to keep the weight at 155 and take it easy today. I'll get a little bit more daring the next time I bench. 

The metcon was no joke. We recently got slamballs in the gym and the weights are 20 and 30 lbs. I went with the 30 pounder for this workout and it messed me up. My time was 9:46 and my legs were smoked by the end. I had to hobble over to the corner to get a foam roller to try and get some mobility back in my lower half. Otherwise, I would be walking around all day like it's my first day in prison and the entire cell block just ran a train on me. 

The cash out was worked in during the bench press doing strict pull-ups instead of the intended kipping, and capped it at 25 strict pull-ups.

Double Unders Today: 25
Double Under Challenge Total: 25

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