Training Log: 3/22/11


Thrusters (95/65)

Uggh, Fran. I think that's a common reaction when you hear this workout come up. Some people flip the F' out and get way too excited for this workout. Those people are sick and need to seek professional help. For any sane person the common physical and emotional reactions should be as follows: anxiety, dread, nausea, heart palpitations and just a little bit of pee in your pants. Just a little bit. Not too much.

The last time I did Fran was on 10/12/10. I scaled it to 75 lbs and it took me 9:38. Today I did it rx'd in 10:38 and it sucked the whole time. I was intentionally trying to focus on my breathing and break up the rounds as needed. I know my limitations on this workout and I didn't want to go nuts on the first round, and then spend a lot of time staring at the bar. I guess it's still improvement because I used 20 lbs more than last time, but I did not feel good from the start. I was wheezing halfway through the first round and I re-tweaked a muscle in my mid-to-upper back that was bothering me a week or two ago. Fran is one of those workouts you need to warm up for 30 minutes prior to getting started. But even then, aren't you just delaying the inevitable?

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