Training Log: 3/27/11

Photo: Crossfit Tribe
Team WOD

Only 2 people can work at a time.

1-mile sled drag (45#)
225 deadlift (135, 95)
225 ring push-ups
225 wallballs (20#)
225 GHD/sit-ups
225 hang power clean (95/65)
1-mile run

Wow, this was a painstorm programmed by Tom. The 1-mile sled drag could've been it's own workout. The hills around the gym made it absolutely brutal. Even going downhill was a little challenging because the sled kept jerking you back as you ran, which is like trying to drive while pumping the brakes. I did this workout with four other people from the gym (Tom, Chris, Meg and Colleen) and having that built-in rest period (albeit a short rest) on each movement was nice. We cycled through each of the movements fairly quickly, with two people doing the work at a time while the other three rested. I found the wallballs the most tiring of the five movements, but wallballs always give me trouble. The last mile was a bitch. We did "Indian Runs" where everyone runs single file and the last person runs to the front of the line and you keep cycling through that way. The pace was fast for me and I kept dragging behind. I eventually told the rest of the group to go ahead because I was wheezing pretty bad and it felt like I was running in a pool. This just further hammers down that I need to run more.

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