Training Log: 3/28/11

Kara hates this picture because of the face she's making. I think it's bad ass.
Push Press 5×2

After each set, go immediately to the rings and perform a max-effort set of ring rows. Try to get back on the rack for your next Push Press double in about 3 minutes.

100 Air Squats for time, then rest exactly one minute and run a hard 800m. Score is total time for squats, rest and run.

Cash Out
Barbell Power Shrug 2x8

I woke up sore and stiff this morning, cursing Tom. After some coffee (FYI: Green Mountain Coffee's Espresso Blend for Keurig is awesome) I was feeling better. When we went to the gym tonight I noticed my right shoulder was sore and that it's been a while since I iced it. Mental note on that one. 

Despite the pain, I managed to work my way up to 160 on my last set of two on the push press. On the ring rows I held back a little until the last set when I did an almost max effort. 

The metcon sucked. All of the soreness from yesterday came back and my quads were burning after 25 squats. The run actually wasn't bad besides the whole wheezing part and my nose wouldn't stop running and it felt like I was running into the wind the whole time, but besides that, it was fine. I finished the metcon in 8:07. 

The barbell shrug was something I haven't done in a very long time. It's a common move in any globo gym, usually performed in front of the mirror by the dumbbell rack. On average, you can lift about 5-10% more weight if you yell out "What!" or "Traps!" as you reach the top of the shrug. I stuck with 185 for two sets on the shrugs and called it a day. 

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  1. Solid post! That coffee tip is clutch, I've been unhappy with my k-cup choices lately.


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