Crossfit Games 2011 - Open Sectionals WOD 3

WOD 3 (11.3) is finally something on the heavier side. The first two were light and favored the light competitor. Whereas in this WOD, the average male Crossfitter probably doesn't even weigh as much as the prescribed weight of 165 lbs.

The workout is as follows: 5 minute AMRAP of 165 lbs Squat Clean and Jerk (scored as two separate movements).

For some people this may be at or above their one-rep max for this movement. For others, this is lightweight. I was hoping this third workout would've been a three-rep max ground to overhead or something along those lines but I'm satisfied with this. It will help level the playing field somewhat.

I did this workout tonight. I weighed myself this morning and was surprised to see that I had lost weight and was down to 171. My one-rep max clean and jerk is 185, and for some reason I thought that meant that 165 would feel light. It didn't. It felt heavy, especially in the squat clean portion. I ended up with a pathetic 6 rounds even for a score of 12. I was really disappointed with myself, but maybe my expectations were too high.

So, here's the deal with this workout: 5 minutes goes by fast. Real fast. If this is lightweight for you, then thruster that weight out of the squat and try to touch and go. If this is close to your one-rep max, really focus on your technique. Explode through the middle. Fast elbows. Try to stick each attempt because missing a squat clean or a jerk (as I did a few times) just plain sucks. It takes a lot out of you, and creates additional work that you don't get credit for. If this weight is above your one-rep max, time to PR.

Below are some tips from Pat Barber and mobility prep from Kelly Starrett.

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  1. This WOD kicked my tail. I got a measly 7 rounds, but I did it hung over on vacation. Not recommended. Then I attempted it again yesterday at my home box.....2 plus's to validation that a week of toxic food and bad sleep can impact the body. Be proud of 6! It's a tough f*cking weight for many.


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