Crossfit Games 2011 - Open Sectionals WOD 6

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With the conclusion of WOD 6 (11.6) so ends the Open Sectionals. I'm glad to see Sectionals come to an end. It's been a long seven weeks and I'm looking forward to getting back into supplemental strength and olympic lifts next week.

WOD 6 is a laddered Chest to bar Fran with five extra pounds.

Complete as many reps as possible in 7 minutes of the following rep scheme:
3 Thrusters (100/65)
3 Chest to bar Pull-ups
6 Thrusters
6 Chest to bar Pull-ups
9 Thrusters
9 Chest to bar Pull-ups
12 Thrusters
12 Chest to bar Pull-ups
15 pound Thrusters
15 Chest to bar Pull-ups
18 Thrusters
18 Chest to bar Pull-ups
21 Thrusters
21 Chest to bar Pull-ups…

Continue up the ladder until time runs out.

Typically, Crossfit WODS don't increase in the rep scheme from round to round, which adds an extra element of suckitude. My goal going into this was to try and do the thrusters unbroken as long as I could and do the pull-ups in threes no matter what. This plan worked well for me until the round of 12; that's when it started to hurt. The thrusters had to be broken into fours and the pull-ups were all singles except for the first three. My goal was to make it into the round of 15, which I accomplished and ended up with 66 total reps. I didn't set the world on fire, but I was pleased with that result.

Once again, movement prep with Carl Paoli and insight from Pat Barber.

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